Getting Trezor to Work With Tails

I was really disappointed my Trezor didn’t work out-of-the-box with Electrum on Tails. I believe it’s in the pipeline for the next major release of Tails, but not sure when that will be. That doesn’t do me any good today, and I really don’t want to use my Trezor outside of Tails if I can avoid it.

WootHosting New Year Special BOGO 2048MB VPS Review

A review for the “WootHosting – BOGO 2GB OpenVZ VPS for $36/yr” deal posted on LowEndBox.

Hostodo VPS Performance

Just quickly dumping a benchmark for my $14/yr Hostodo VPS, purchased on the deal from LowEndBox here.

How I Got Jekyll + BlackDoc Theme Working in Windows

What better blog post to start out with than notes on how I got Jekyll and BlackDoc working on Windows 10? If anything, this will be useful for my reference next time I wipe my workstation and need to start over.